The Peony!

Summer is on the horizon and the arrival of everyone's favourite flower, - The Peony!

With its stunning display of colours, layers of delicate petals and a light fragrance it is no surprise that the peony has been enchanting people for years.

The peony is a summer flower which is only available for a short amount of time. From late April to early July. A lot of people know of the light pink Peony, but the flower is also available in hot pink, red, white and coral.

It comes in an array of different shapes but always starting as a tight buds. You can get a single layered peony with large beaming petals or a peony with layers upon layers of feathering petals such as the 'Sarah Bernhardt'.

This luxuriously bold flower is a beautiful bridal flower. It signifies wealth, elegance, romance and honour. Here at The Flower Shop we have years of experience working with Peonies. We also have a great selection of peony bouquets on our website which can be delivered anywhere within the Bristol postcode or Nationwide.





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