Spring Season Viburnum!

It's not spring until there's Viburnum in the shop in our eyes! It's one of the first shrubs to flower in spring...and we adore it as a cut flower too!
Viburnum is known for it's magical colour change throughout it's flowering season - beginning with these amazing vivid zesty-green blooms, transitioning into ivory-white puffballs as they mature in the sunshine. You may of heard them referred to as Snowballs!
We just love this early-season fresh look, Viburnum! Stunning just on it's own with full, lime green heads, almost floating in a vase on their long woody stems. It also works beautifully as a focal piece, adding freshness in spring bouquets, Mother's Day bouquets and Wedding arrangements like this one we loved working on last year for Jade and Andy!


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