British Anenomes! 🇬🇧

We welcome the return of the British anenome! These little beauties have been long awaited and are now finally here! Grown in Cornwall, these local, seasonal delights are wonderful to brighten up the home throughout the wintery months. 
To the untrained eye, anenomes first appear to be a little on the scruffy side, less showy than some other blooms. But WAIT...given a little time, they burst open and magically reveal their jewel-like colours and gorgeous delicate multi-layered petals. We're lucky to enjoy them in a handful of amazing colours; scarlett, deep burgundy, regal blue, lilacs, glowing fuchsia and very chic white with that dark centre.
Pop in and grab yours now!
Nov 21, 2016

Ej hvor er du vild, Anne. Er helt måƒlløs over din kommentar – pÃ¥ den bedste mÃ¥de overhovedet! <3 TAK! Tusind tak. Og en FANTASTISK weekend til dig ogsÃ¥!! <3


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