At The Flower Shop, we're huge fans of the Anenome! They definitely deserve a blog all to themselves. These seasonal delights are here in abundance, and are wonderful to brighten up the home throughout the wintery months and into spring. 
Pictured here, the white anenome is said to symbolise sincerity due to their delicate appearance. The name anemone is derived from Greek which means “windflower.” The name comes from the fact that the delicate flowers are blown open by the wind, which in turn blows away the dead petals as well.
To the untrained eye, anenomes first appear to be a little on the scruffy side, less showy than some other blooms. But WAIT...given a little time, they burst open and magically reveal their jewel-like colours and gorgeous delicate multi-layered petals.
We're lucky to enjoy them in a handful of amazing colours; scarlett, deep burgundy, regal blue, lilacs, glowing fuchsia and very chic white with that dark centre.
We adore them - alone in a special vase, in a spring bouquet, and in beautiful wedding work too!

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