Vanda orchids and Calla lilles for a wedding on The SS Great Britain

A big congratulations to David and Victoria (Not The Beckham's !)  who had flown all the way from Belgium to marry on The SS Great Britain in Bristol. I had been sent photos of her dress, that was very sleek and had a real WOW factor, and shoes that were sky scrappers in aubergine. Given the brief that they liked purple Vanda orchids and plum Calla Lilies and wanted their flowers to make a dramatic impact, I set about creating this trailing bouquet that really pulled a punch! The Groom wore a simple Calla lily buttonhole and the top table flowers were amass of trailing Vanda orchids.

This wedding is very different to what we have been seeing trending over the last couple of years, with hand tied designs of 'just picked from the garden' look, but I am sure you will agree it certainly stands out from the crowd!


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